Iain doesn't hand you a fish, he teaches you how to fish. I could never thank him enough for giving me the confidence to make important life decisions, the ability to stop bad thoughts that might race through my mind and most importantly the skill to take a deep breath. 

Andie, 22


We were in complete despair when we had our first visit with Iain. Our child was having major issues with depression, anxiety and self harm. The  initial sessions helped us understand the DBT philosophy and it was not very long before our child became more confident and self assured. We were able to help him along with coaching skills we learned from parent sessions. I cannot say enough good things about Iain and his team.

Donna, 46


emotion logic.jpg

We discovered I have bipolar disorder in 2001 when I was 19. In 18 years, DBT is the best thing that has ever happened to my illness.

Dialectal Behavioral Therapy saved me from myself. It was like I had been straining to see this world from very far away for a long time and someone gave me the proper pair of glasses and taught me how to use them. It turned recovery into a class where I learned why I think the things that I think, and what in the world to do with those thoughts. I learned how to manage the emotions that follow those thoughts. It was like I was inside out and someone finally turned me right side out.

I’m so grateful to Iain and to DBT 

Jamie, Chattanooga TN

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Iain made learning DBT skills easy and empowered me to use those skills in my every day life. When I first sought his help, I was stagnant in every aspect of my life; working with DBT helped me become an expert of my own emotions which led me to completing my graduate program and finally living my dream of moving to a city. Thanks to Iain and DBT I'm able to live confidently and mindfully in my every day life.

Jenn, Seattle