What is DBT?

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is an evidenced based treatment that helps people regain control of their emotions, behaviors and the direction of their lives.


What does DBT Therapy entail?

DBT has three separate parts to the therapy.

  • Individual therapy for one hour a week. In these sessions, the focus is on changing behaviors, problem solving, making better decisions, and understanding how difficult emotions can lead to the unwanted behaviors such as self harm, eating disorders, addictions, suicidal actions and more.
  • Weekly Skills class where you will learn skills to deal with your emotions or even change them. You will learn skills to handle a crisis differently. There are also skills to speak up, say no or set limits without feeling guilty. We also teach Mindfulness skills to strengthen your mind, stay focused and increase your awareness.
  • Skills Coaching is available 24 hours a day to anyone enrolled in DBT. Through texting or phone calls, you will have access to your therapist day and night if you are in need of extra support or if you are in a crisis.

What makes DBT different from regular therapy?

DBT is different from other therapies you may have tried because it's more structured and it requires a commitment from you to follow through with agreed tasks and assignments. In return, your therapist works in partnership with you to keep you on track towards your goals. You will be asked to keep records of your emotions and your thoughts, and you will be asked to practice the skills you learn and to complete short homework assignments. DBT therapists know how difficult it is to change problematic behaviors, so they are available for you to text and call when you need support or when things feel too overwhelming.